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Introducing a brand new one-of-a-kind gift designed and created by The Gift Planner. Miniature coin safe 4.25 x 4.5 deep x 6 high. Made of 24 gauge cold rolled steel.This miniature safe can be personalized, features a coin slot, a three number combination lock and models old antique safes in design. The surface is powder coated which insures long lasting durability. The Safe is filled with 2 money themed treat boxes wrapped in dollar sign pattern cello. First box filled with 12 mini dark chocolate mint flavored Oreo cookies with 1 milk chocolate foil dollar sign and 3 gold foiled milk chocolate coins. Milk chocolate candy coated "pearls" for filler (12 pearls). Second box filled with 10 mini white chocolate dipped pretzel logs packaged with 1 gold foiled chocolate gold bar, 1 silver foiled .999 fine silver bar and 1 green foiled milk chocolate dollar sign.   

Themed Gifts Created And Designed By The Gift Planner

The Gift Planner has designed creative and unique one of a kind gifts that will represent you and your company. We want you to stand out with corporate gifts that will be appreciated and help brand your name, and the service you provide. These gifts are perfect for holiday giftsspecial occasionsclient giftsindustry themed gifts and much more.
We understand that it is hard to always think outside the box or pick a gift better than your last one, so we try hard to always offer you new gifts to WOW your clients. We want to provide you with unique gifts that showcase your brands personality so you will be remembered and talked about - all year long! Our goal is to make you look GREAT! 
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